All noise, no signal.



< ioerror> well, my dick measuring for the night is over

* 23:02 < ioerror> yeah, someday i’ll be a photographer
* 23:02 < ioerror> once i get the right gear…


Help a Noisebridger commit a crime

Noisebridge is recruited to help remove a boot from a car.

alexhandy alexhandy at Sat Nov 21 16:32:26 PST 2009 So, as a hypothetical experiment…. If someone were to want to be very excellent to another member, and remove one of these car boots from a car, without damaging the car, and with an emphasis on speed, subtlety and effectiveness, how would one go about doing this? By car boot, I mean the locked stopping mechanism Cities put on cars when they are illegally parked for too long.

Noisebridgers go to Communi— I mean, Capitalist China!

A group of Noisebridgers visited a couple sweatshops in China! It must be fascinating to see where your useless electronic ephemera is produced, by workers who get paid pennies a day, before it eventually ends up leaking toxins into a landfill when you’ve moved on to the next cool WifiZigbeeArduinoGizmo.


Exponential Narcissism

What could make you a bigger self-centered asshole than walking around with a picture of yourself and a celebrity on your shirt? Taking a picture of a celebrity and yourself, while wearing a shirt with a picture of yourself and a celebrity, and then publicizing it on a mailing list

Get back to weaseling your name on papers other people are writing, Jacob Appelnose, you trust fund dipshit.


Nosebridge has vermin

Nosebridge has an infestation problem, and I’m not just talking about the trannies.

Sunday evening around midnight, several members saw a member of species
Rattus norvegicus exploring from the elevator room along the baseboards
and into the dirty shop.

The various waste piles in the elevator lobby provide a pretty keen
warren for small mammals. Let's try to reduce those and eliminate the
hiding places.

Additionally, a member reported seeing a roach in the refrigerator that
evening. Reviewing the fridges it looks like the magnetic door seal on
the fridge labelled "food" is compromised along the bottom. Unless
someone takes action to improve the situation (ie replace the seal or
whatever) I'll be removing that fridge to the municipal waste transfer
station on November 14. (I'd rather do it this weekend but alas I'm out
of town; if someone else wants to take point on this plan, please let us

Crutcher Dunnavant wants to go on the record that he doesn’t give a fuck that you think he should be ‘nice’.

Crutcher Dunnavant crutcher at Sun Nov 1 13:49:51 PST 2009 A number of people have been very rude and personally insulting in insisting that I should be ‘nice’ and not make personal attacks. This is, however you look at it, hilarious. But I suppose I’ll succumb to the cudgel of the populace, if only to demonstrate its effectiveness (again, ironic considering my stated goals in the original discussion, haha).


Some Noisebridge member tried to setup a VOTING site, and even more SHOCKINGLY a CLOSED SOURCE voting system!  The more liberty minded and elite members of NB did not take very kindly to this.

The best part is this MASSIVE ATTACK resulted in a grand total of *gasp* 35000 votes.  Apparently enough to risk taking down their piece of shit site with absolutely no kind of cookies or other method to prevent ballot stuffing.  Great site, d00d!  No wonder they’re threatening legal action.

Doesn’t NB have a rule where somebody who threatens NB with legal action has their membership revoked?

Ian ian at
Fri Oct 30 13:38:03 PDT 2009

last night, there was an attempted DDOS on the noisebridge forum from and yes. those are both noisebridge IPs.
they submitted around 35,000 votes to the forum and could have taken
the entire uservoice site down.

i have no problem with people voicing their concerns on the mailing
list, but to do something destructive and illegal using noisebridge
equipment against a company that one of its members works for simply
because you didnt agree with its usage is beyond pathetic. rubin, for
future reference, even though you may not mean anything destructive or
personal with your "abrasive" (as you put it in your personal apology
to me) comments on the list, other, weaker people on the list who are
followers will take them in a different way.

i tried to not censor anyone on the feedback forum and accommodate
everyone and tried to play the role of strictly the forum admin. one
of our staff deleted the suggestion about trying to get root on our
site because, well, they simply viewed it as a threat against
uservoice. i assured them finding security flaws was legitimate and
will even benefit us. then they pointed to the suggestions about
disparaging uservoice and my comment facilitating that. then again i
reassured them i was only being the site administrator and that we
shouldnt censor people who use our product even if their suggestions
could hurt our business. the bottom line is i put my neck out to try
to provide noisebridge with something that i thought would be useful
and this is the thanks i get.

aside from my current situation with the company, uservoice is talking
about taking legal action against noisebridge for the DDOS attack. i
have begged them to allow me to solve this without legal intervention.
i ask that the people who were responsible name themselves and
separate them from the rest of noisebridge. if you identify yourself,
explain and apologize for your actions, i think i can convince the
rest of uservoice to move past this.


Looks like Noisebridge is opening yet another new location!

Looks like Noisebridge is opening yet another new location!


Cool tranny, bro.

Using the well known internet meme “Cool story bro” against a tranny is a perfect way to stir up drama!  God forbid you call somebody with an XY chromosome ‘Bro’ even after they begin to self identify as a woman.  You incensitive cisgendered bastard you had better apologize immediately for inadvertently inflicting butt-hurt!

Long LONG LONG e-mail thread short, the tranny decide THIS WAS THE LAST STRAW and decided to flounce from Noisebridge.  Guess a bunch of white privilege flaunting straight males don’t make for the best LGBTF club house (the F is for furry).

Miah Johnson miah at
Thu Oct 29 10:54:04 PDT 2009

Ok Sure.

I'm unsubscribing from this list.
Tonight, after I repair my mp3 player I am handing my key to somebody else
and will not return to Noisebridge.


Drama reaching epidemic levels! Calls for censorship begin!

The rumbling tank treads of oppression have begin to roll, ready to stamp out free expression at Noisebridge.  The death by a thousand cuts begins with a single swipe, and in this case, represented by a call for moderation of the more mouthy participants in the mailing list.

Since people seem not to be able to moderate themselves, can we please
moderate this list, or at least some individuals on it? I'd complain about
the signal-to-noise ratio, but it's mostly still signal. Unfortunately,
most of that signal is a handful of individuals exclaiming, boisterously and
in diverse ways, "LOOK HOW SOCIALLY MALADJUSTED I AM WOOO!" I'd really
rather not receive that, but I would like to be aware of what's going on at
the space. (Which, lately, seems to be mostly just a handful of individuals
exclaiming, boisterously and in divers...)

I'd really like to be able to use -discuss again, and I would really, really
like it if our public face to ~400 people wasn't mostly made up of
reactionary and inflammatory posts like we so often see from Crutcher, Jason
Dusek, and Al Billings.

(Apologies to David Fine: This post isn't [drama], but I did add it to the
body here, since I have no doubt it's going to result. Sorry to complicate
your system, but this needed to be confronted, and nobody else seems willing
to do it in public.)
Josh Myer 650.248.3796
josh at